'Dressed is best'

On the 27th of June we are launching the ‘Dressed is best’ campaign as part of the NHS’ 70th birthday celebrations. The launch will take place in the foyer from 12-2pm and on the wards from 2-3pm.

Dressed is best involves all staff supporting and assisting you to change into your own day clothes rather than staying in hospital gowns and pyjamas. Being dressed encourages you to be more independent as you are more likely to get out of bed and get moving. This can improve your mood and reduce your risk of developing complications associated with a prolonged hospital stay such as falling, developing a pressure sore or a chest infection.

Did you know that…

One week of bed-rest is equivalent to 10% loss of muscle strength. This could be the difference between being able to climb stairs or not. The difference between dependence and independence

(Kortbein et al 2008)

10 days of bed-rest in hospital is equivalent to 10 years muscle aging in people over the age of 85

(Kortbein et al 2004)

We want to maintain your individuality whilst helping you feel as well as possible.

Come and find out more information, join in our quiz and have a slice of cake on the 27th of June.