This continues to be a worrying time for people with cancer, their relatives and friends. Here at The Christie we are doing all we can to make sure people get the treatment, information and support they need.

We have focused our efforts into getting as many people through their cancer treatment as we can, whilst at the same time keeping our patients and staff as safe as possible.

Whilst the number of people diagnosed with COVID-19 has fallen to low levels nationally, here in Greater Manchester and the north west region, we have recently seen an increase in infection rates, resulting in local lockdowns. We understand this is an extra worry for our patients because becoming ill could result in planned treatments being interrupted.

Treatment can also reduce the body’s ability to fight infections and some cancer treatments, particularly some types of chemotherapy and immunotherapy, can put people at a greater risk of serious effects from the COVID-19 infection. We also now know that there are other factors, such as age, diabetes, ethnic heritage or being significantly overweight.

It is important to take every measure to avoid getting COVID-19, we all must continue to be careful, take sensible precautions to reduce our risk of infection. However, you should continue to attend for any face-to-face appointments or treatments even if you live in an area which is locally locked down.

If this applies to you, your specialist will advise about particular precautions you may need to take. The links in the right-hand sidebar menu describe what we are doing to keep you safe, and importantly what you can do for yourself too.