Dr Neil Bayman, associate medical director

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve still been providing outstanding cancer care at The Christie. Our staff members know that cancer patients still need the very best care and treatment, even in these unprecedented times.

One person who knows how important it is to keep cancer care going is Dr Neil Bayman, associate medical director at The Christie. He’s been working with the other consultants and clinical staff members to ensure cancer patients can get the treatment, care and support they need.

The number one priority for us at The Christie is keeping our patients safe. One way we’ve done that is by moving many face-to-face clinic appointments to telephone appointments.

This means we can offer the same level of care as we do in the hospital setting but from patients’ homes.

For any appointments that still need to be in the hospital, it’s really important that patients do attend these. That way, we can be sure patients are still getting the vital care they need.

Watch the video below of Dr Neil Bayman to find out how we're doing all we can to make sure patients get the treatment, information and support they need.