Andrew Rostron, Christie patient

Andrew had a neuroendocrine cancer diagnosis in July 2017 after feeling under the weather for a few months. He had a few different symptoms but was still shocked to find out it was cancer as he was a really fit person.

He was referred to The Christie in August 2017 for supportive treatment, including chemotherapy, radiotherapy and monthly injections. The treatment was to help with his symptoms as his cancer is incurable.

Before the COVID-19 lockdown rules came into place on 23 March, Andrew and his partner Kate temporarily moved to Plymouth. Kate’s permanent home is in Plymouth and has a garden and more space than Andrew’s flat in Altrincham so they decided to stay there for the lockdown period.

Andrew said he’s finding the current lockdown situation a bit scary but he’s staying indoors, trying to keep busy on good days and resting on bad days. He says even though he’s in Plymouth, he still feels supported by The Christie, keeping in touch with regular telephone consultations.

When the lockdown is over, Andrew said he’s looking forward to seeing his family again, especially his 4-year-old grandson.

“[The Christie] have made what is sometimes an unbearable situation that little bit more manageable.
“Richard Berman and his team continue to support remotely which is so reassuring.
“The delay in scans is not great but I’m sure under the circumstances it’s unavoidable.
“I have been advised to shield so at home but get plenty of emotional support. The remote medical support is great and the link up with the local GP surgery works well, allowing me to have my monthly injections down here."

- Andrew, Christie patient