Your first visit

We want you to be as comfortable as possible while you are being treated at The Christie. Below you will find information to help you with your first visit at The Christie. It doesn't cover everything you may need to know but you can find much more information within our website.

Your Christie introduction

Your Christie introduction

Watch our video for an introduction to The Christie

Your Visit

Your Visit

What to expect from your visit to The Christie including parking information and facilities

See inside our departments

Take a virtual tour of our departments before you come to The Christie.

Welcome to The Christie

A guide for patients and carers


Find out what treatments are available at The Christie

How do you communicate?

Do you need information in a different format?

Directions and transport

Important information on getting to The Christie as a patient or visitor

Car parking

Find out where to park your car when visiting our site.

Recognising staff

Learn to recognise the different members of staff you will see around The Christie