Patients, visitors and staff also cannot use e-cigarettes on the grounds of The Christie.

We aim to protect patients, visitors and staff from the effects of passive smoking. As a leading expert in cancer care, we also support anyone visiting or working in our hospital who wants to stop smoking.

What can I do if I am an inpatient and a smoker?

When you come to your pre-operative assessment, we’ll advise you that The Christie is a non-smoking site. We will also ask if you’ve thought about giving up smoking.

If you do want to stop smoking, we offer a Smoking Cessation service. We can provide you with helpful advice and support, nicotine replacement therapy and a range of stress management techniques.

Stopping smoking can help reduce your risk of developing cancer, diabetes, heart and respiratory problems.

However, if you aren’t looking to stop smoking for whatever reason, we can provide you with nicotine replacements. This may be nicotine patches, nicotine lozenges or a nicotine inhalator. We will decide on the most suitable nicotine replacement through an open conversation with you.

If you are an inpatient and you use e-cigarettes, you can’t use these while you’re at The Christie. Instead, we will offer you a nicotine inhalator to help you mimic the ‘hand-to-mouth’ action that e-cigarettes can give you.

The Christie is supporting the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership exsmoker campaign to help people quit smoking.