Please check with the ward about visiting times. Visiting hours vary from ward to ward.

You can see a list of our wards and their opening times.

If you can only visit in the morning, please telephone the ward first, as it is a busy time. Patients may be called for treatment during a visit, so please understand if you have to wait to see your relative or friend.

When you are visiting the wards, please respect the privacy and need for rest of other patients. For this reason, we also ask that there are no more than two visitors by the bedside at any time.

Protected mealtimes

We have protected mealtimes to give patients the opportunity to eat without interruption. This means visitors are not allowed to stay on the wards at these times unless they are helping the patient to eat.

During lunch and dinner, all non-urgent clinical activity stops so that the nurses, catering staff and carers can help to serve meals and assist patients who need help. Please try an arrange visits outside of these protected mealtimes. You can find out when the protected mealtimes are from the ward.

Health and safety

On some wards, there may be different rules for health and safety, so check with the nurse in charge before you enter. If you’re bringing children when you visit, please tell the nurse in charge before visiting.

Avoid bringing babies and small children into the wards if possible. Please ensure that children are supervised at all times. If you have a cold or you are unwell, it’s a good idea to put off the visit.

Please don't bring flowers onto the wards, as our patients are more prone to infection. If you want to buy flowers, please send these to the patient's home instead after discharge.