Recognising staff

Use this section to identify different staff members you might see around our hospital

Complementary Therapist

Uniform: Tunic/Dress - White


Uniform: Tunic/Dress - White with Red Epaulette


Uniform: Tunic - Pale Green

Healthcare Assistant

Uniform: Tunic - Grey & White Stripes

Matron, Senior Nurse

Uniform: Tunic/Dress - Red/Navy Trim

Speech & Language Therapist

Uniform: Tunic - White with Black and Yellow Trim

Non Ward Nurse (e.g. Specialist Nurse)

Uniform: Tunic/Dress - Hospital Blue with Navy Piping

Occupational Therapist

Uniform: Tunic - White with Green Trim


Uniform: Tunic - White with Navy Trim


Uniform: Shirt/Blouse - Blue

Radiographic Aides

Uniform: Tunic/Dress - White with Peacock Trim

Radiology Porter, Radiotherapy Care Assistant

Uniform: Polo Shirt - Burgundy

Radiotherapy Linac Support

Uniform: Tunic/Dress - Pastel Blue

Senior Sister, Senior Charge Nurse

Uniform: Tunic/Dress - Navy with Red Trim

Sister, Charge Nurse

Uniform: Tunic/Dress - Navy with White Trim

Staff Nurse

Uniform: Tunic/Dress - Blue & White Stripes

Therapeutic Radiographer, Assistant Practitioner

Uniform: Scrub Top & Trousers - Burgundy

Therapy Radiographer, Diagnostic Radiographer

Uniform: Tunic/Dress - White with Burgundy Trim