The Christie is one of Europe's leading cancer centres, treating over 60,000 patients a year. We have a history of over 100 years of leading cancer care.

Based in Manchester, we provide a networked service to a population of 3.2 million across Greater Manchester and Cheshire, delivering care as close to patients’ homes as possible. As a national specialist centre, around a quarter of our patients come to us from across the UK.

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Sarcoma service

The sarcoma service at The Christie is part of the Greater Manchester and Oswestry Sarcoma Service (GMOSS). It diagnoses and treats cancerous (malignant) and benign bone and soft tissue tumours. Because of the rarity of sarcomas, the pathways and treatments can be complex.

Senior adult oncology service

The senior adult oncology service is an outpatient service to support older people with cancer. This service aims to improve care, treatment, and experience for older cancer patients.

The Supportive Care Team

Palliative care and symptom control support team helps patients and families live as actively as possible by providing high quality pain and symptom control as well as practical and psychological support.


The need for surgery in cancer is well recognised with good quality evidence indicating that it is the treatment that is most likely to cure a cancer.