Both are part of Palatine Treatment Centre (department 30).

Palatine ward (1st and 2nd floor Palatine Treatment Centre):

  • We have 10 TYA designated beds for young people (there are 31 on Palatine ward in total).
  • Each in patient has their own side room and en suite.
  • 2 social hubs are available on 1st and 2nd floor of Palatine Treatment Centre.  Young people are encouraged to use the social hubs to play pool, listen to music, take part in workshops and other activities and events.
  • A gym, a music room and a complementary therapy room are also available for young people and their visitors to use.

Rob’s Day Unit (ground floor Palatine Treatment Centre):

  • The day unit has 2 beds and 4 chairs and is staffed by 2 nurses and 2 HCAs. 
  • Young people who have day case chemotherapy, need blood or platelets or who are having radiotherapy will use the day unit.
  • There is also a clinic area where most young people are seen as out patients or in follow-up after treatment.