Sarcoma service during COVID-19

In the sarcoma service at The Christie, we have adapted our practice during the COVID-19 pandemic to now include virtual follow-up appointments. We offer face-to-face consultations for all new patients, all patients immediately after treatment, patients with problems and patients who have special requirements. 

We appreciate that virtual follow-up appointments are not appropriate for all patients. Please contact us if you feel that a virtual follow up is not suitable for your needs.

Telephone follow-ups, like The Christie sarcoma outpatients clinic, can only take place on Tuesday mornings. We will let you know what time your telephone follow-up appointment is booked for in advance.

We are still doing face-to-face consultations for some patients and telephone follow-ups take the same time as face-to-face appointments. Please be aware that depending on the needs of the patients in earlier time slots, your telephone appointment time may be subject to change.

Please be aware that your telephone consultation is still a full consultation so please be prepared to answer your phone and please ensure that you are in a place that is quiet and private when we call. If a chest X-ray or a scan is needed, we will arrange this to be at The Christie.

Last updated: May 2021