Below you will find in depth guidance to help in the management of patients diagnosed with MSCC; from initial management to rehabilitation and discharge.

Overview of the management of Metastatic spinal cord compression due to metastatic cancer

Metastatic spinal cord compression (MSCC) alert: guide to early recognition and rapid response (Primary Care)

Patient information leaflets

Information has been developed for patients and can be accessed here

Investigation and management of spinal cord compression

Guidelines for investigations

Radiology provision in Greater Manchester & Cheshire

Guidelines for assessment of spinal stability

Guidelines for assessment and management of patients requiring spinal braces and collars

Guidelines for surgical referral and management

Guidelines for radiation therapy

Symptomatic and supportive care

Guidelines on steroid usage

Guidelines on pain management

Guidelines on management of bowel function

Guidelines on thromboprophylaxis

Nursing care plans

Nursing care

Complementary therapy

Complementary therapy


Guidelines on mobilisation and rehabilitation

You can also access details about local allied health professionals who will support patient rehabilitation; this can be accessed via the MSCC resources section.

Discharge Letter

For patients who receive radiotherapy as the definitive treatment for their spinal cord compression, the following discharge letter will be completed and sent with them to their referring ward.  This provides the ward team with details of the treatment delivered as well as the expected side effect and management advice.

Management of patients following radiotherapy for spinal cord compression - discharge information