MSCC events

Education to patients and health care professionals is key in improving early recognition and management of MSCC.

Education for at risk patients is available in the form of a patient information leaflet which describes the red flag signs and symptoms that require prompt and early clinical review and investigations. Education for health care professionals is on-going in all sectors of health care (tertiary, secondary and primary care).  

Training sessions are on-going and have taken place in all the local hospitals, hospices and organisations. They have been attended by doctors, nurses, support workers, radiographers, radiologists and therapists. 

Presentations at national and international study days and conferences sharing The Christie, Greater Manchester and Cheshire Network MSCC Coordinator service has also taken place since the service was launched in 2013. 

The Christie School of Oncology run a comprehensive program of cancer education and we have jointly hosted many national MSCC study days, all which have been very well attended and highly evaluated.

Education on MSCC must continue. Feedback demonstrates patients are better informed to report concerning symptoms early. Also health care professionals have a better understanding of the management of MSCC and feel more confident about caring for and managing patients in a timely way.

Last updated: January 2021