The MSCC coordinator service has had a very positive impact on the early recognition and treatment of MSCC and has been invaluable for the Acute Oncology Team.
The MSCC coordinator service is great and has really helped the patients and staff throughout Greater Manchester.  Lena and Conor are always helpful, informative and efficient.  Patients now get treatment quicker and the whole process is much more streamlined and straightforward.  In addition, the support we get with MSCC training and education has really helped.
The MSCC staff are an extremely efficient and professional team. They have improved the care pathway for MSCC patients dramatically since they have come into post.

When asked about how the service could be developed / improved in the future, a number of clinicians requested an increased number of service hours, one such comment read:

As these patients are often picked-up later in the day, particularly Fridays, an out of hours service would be useful.

Offering more service hours (especially at the weekend) is an area which the MSCC service would like to provide in future, it is however something which will require further resourcing in order to be achieved.

Last updated: September 2019