Who we are  

We are a team of specialised Doctors and Nurses. We work together to recommend the best options for the treatment of your melanoma. The Christie is a large teaching hospital. So we always have clinical trainees who may be present during your appointments with the Doctor or Nurse. As well as the names listed here we also have 'Clinical Fellows' and 'Registrars' who are Doctors specialising in melanoma, they are not with us permanently. 

Patient-centred care - YOU come first  

It is important that we know your views on what treatment/s would be acceptable to you. We will discuss these choices with you during your appointments.  

How we work together  

Every two weeks the multi-disciplinary team has a meeting to discuss their patients. This is to allow the group of specialists to review all the information such as biopsy results, scans etc and to consider your opinion and your general health before arriving at a conclusion. This recommendation will take into account:   

  • All appropriate treatment options that are available to you
  • Your suitability for any clinical trials
  • Your opinion 

This is a surgeon who specialises in removing melanomas and performing any surgery which may be necessary afterwards.

Your Consultant is a doctor who is a melanoma expert and will consider what will be the best way of treating your type of cancer, either with drugs or radiotherapy. Your Consultant will manage your care throughout your treatment.

An Advanced Nurse Practitioner has a great deal of knowledge and experience of melanoma. As part of the medical team, she assesses and manages patients. The Nurse Clinician can offer you support and information throughout your treatment and follow-up care.

  • Jackie Hodgetts 0161 446 3868

This nurse is an expert in caring for and supporting people with melanoma and some other skin cancers. As well as the Nurse Clinician she can also provide you with support and information.

  • Caroline Owens 0161 918 7587
  • Katie McHale 0161 918 2488
  • Sarah Fulton (Skin cancer CNS) 0161 918 7857

You may be asked if you would like to take part in a clinical trial for a new treatment or to donate a blood or tissue sample which may help in our understanding of melanoma. If you are on a drug trial a research nurse will co- ordinate your care and treatment schedule, and will be a good source of advice about the trial. You will be introduced to the research nurses when you consent to be in a trial.

  • Sharon Woolley: Clinical Research Nurse Team Leader 0161 918 7478
  • Pamela Hewitt: Senior Clinical Trials Coordinator 0161 446 8467
  • Jacqui Humphreys: Clinical Research Nurse 0161 446 3697
  • Michelle Butterworth: Clinical Research Nurse 0161 918 8334
  • Samantha Corlett: Clinical Research Nurse 0161 446 3697
  • A doctor who specialises in performing and reviewing x-rays pictures and other scans such as CT, MRI, bone and ultrasound. These scans help the team to make a diagnosis and recommend the best treatment for you.

    One of our Clinical Research Nurses, Sam Corlett, has written a blog about her experiences. Select this link to read it: The Christie Blog.