Patient Pathway Clinical Trial Treatment

1st Visit - New Patient Clinic

Clinical Team assess your suitability for trial entry.

They explain to you about clinical trials and will give specific trial information relevant to you and your diagnosis.

Meet Clinical Research Team.

Alternative treatment options also discussed.

Patient informs Team by a phone call usually within 48 hours of the 1st visit.

You decide whether to choose a trial or the standard treatment option.

2nd Visit - Research Clinic

Further discussion

Written informed consent obtained for main study and any 'sub' studies

Screening process described: the tests you will have to decide if you are suitable for the trial.

Screening Visits (timescale depends on Trial Protocol)

Clinical review

You will be screened to check your suitability (eligibility) for the trial. These tests will be different for each trial but may include blood tests, scans, biopsies and cardiac (heart/circulation) assessments.

If you are confirmed as suitable for a certain trial you will be given a date to start treatment.

Commence study drug within 7 - 14 days of Screening

Patient attends for first dose of treatment; this may be oral (by mouth) or IV (intravenous, directly into the veins).

Follow Up - this will vary in different trials

Weekly or monthly safety / toxicity review to check how your body is being affected by the treatment, this includes blood tests. You will receive your trial medication either to take at home (oral only) or on the specialist Trials Unit (IV treatment).

Last updated: September 2019