Our Endocrinology service is a specialist referral centre that welcomes referrals of patients with suspected or proven hormonal (endocrine) disorders. 

Services are based in our dedicated endocrinology unit. We have a very active research programme which means there are frequently trials of new treatments occurring. ‘State-of-the-Art’ radiotherapy is available and for hormonally active cancers we work closely with our cancer specialist colleagues to deliver appropriate treatments, such as chemotherapy. In addition the Christie has one of the busiest radioiodine service for hyperthyroidism in the country.

Why are we a leading centre:

The department of endocrinology has been an internationally recognised centre of clinical and academic excellence for several decades. The first childhood leukaemia survivor in the world to receive growth hormone for short stature was treated in the endocrine department at The Christie and much of the pioneering work of global impact on the hormonal complications of successful cancer treatment was undertaken at The Christie by Professor Stephen Shalet. The department remains integral to the on-going care of patients successfully treated for cancer elsewhere in the hospital.

The department has played a leading role in the development of new therapies for pituitary disease, in particular for acromegaly, and continues to be at the forefront of new therapies for pituitary disease. We also have access to the latest laboratory equipment (liquid chromatography tandem mass spectroscopy) that improves our diagnostic capabilities and improves our ability to monitor treatment.