Yearly Summary

The Complementary Therapy Team have treated well over 12,000 treatments in 2014. The graph below show the number of complementary therapy treatments performed each month:

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The Complementary Therapy team perform different types of treatments. The table below shows that massage is the most popular treatment. This is a good way of helping a patient to relax and may help with pain, stress, worry, tension and improve circulation amongst other things. 

The second most popular are stress management techniques. Stress Management Techniques are used mainly to help patients get through difficult procedures and help keep them calm. These techniques may include:

Stress Balls and Breathing - The use of stress balls with the breath to help keep the breathing controlled.  

Moist mouth – Anxiety can bring on a dry mouth and making sure that patients have a moist mouth before a procedure commences can help to reduce anxiety.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation – This is based on the idea of tensing and releasing muscles whilst using the in and out breath.  Research work has suggested that this technique  can help with stress, anxiety, pain and insomnia.

Click the chart below to view the most popular types of treatment performed in 2014: 

Note: HEARTS is a combination of gentle touch over a towel or blanket, use of aromas and relaxation techniques.

Gender of patients

The majority of patients receiving a treatment were female (69%). Some men may decline treatment, but once they see another man receiving a massage they will often agree to it and then ask to be seen again. 

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Diagnosis of patients

The largest number of patients treated had a diagnosis of breast cancer. This is in line with the fact that the majority of patients seen were female. 

Click the chart below to view patient diagnosis statistics for 2014: