Radiation protection

Christie Medical Physics and Engineering is recognised by the Health and Safety Executive as a Radiation Protection Adviser Body under Regulation 13 of The Ionising Radiation Regulations.


Christie Medical Physics and Engineering (CMPE) provides a radiation protection advice service to users of ionising radiation in the health (including dental and research facilities), veterinary and university sectors. 

An outline of our RPA services

The Radiation Protection Advice service is provided by staff from Diagnostic Radiology, Radiotherapy Physics and Nuclear Medicine as appropriate to the advice being sought. In addition to accredited RPAs, work is carried out by other clinical scientists and supported by clinical technologists and medical physicists.  All advice is traceable to staff who hold certificates from the HSE approved RPA accrediting body, RPA2000.  The senior staff who form the RPA body meet on a regular basis to ensure the coordination of the service and to develop policies for implementing radiation protection.

Our RPA service cover all uses of ionising radiations within the healthcare environment.  Further details of the work within specific groups (including their clinical work) are available on separate pages:

We also provide an HSE-approved personal monitoring service.




Research and development

The department provides advice on all aspects of patient and staff doses to support research projects.

Members of the various groups are involved in research projects with a radiation protection element. Some of our recent research and development is presented here and on the individual group web pages.

Teaching and training

CMPE offer a variety of training in radiation protection including courses for trainee radiologists and cardiologists.  We hold regular study days for Radiation Protection Supervisors and a Radiation Protection Update every other year.  More information is available on the courses page.

The Radiation Protection section provides Radiation Safety specialism training as part of the NHS Scientist Training Programme.


Professional matters

Staff actively participate in a range of professional matters including membership of committees and working groups advising on national and international policy matters. 

CMPE radiation protection advice sheets

Click here to download our CMPE Radiation Protection Advice Sheets.

CMPE has produced a standard form for reporting radiation incidents. Our customers are asked to use this to notify us of incidents.

The Health and Safety Executive have worked with the medical physics community and the X-ray equipment manufacturers to produce a standard form for handing over controlled areas during servicing or installation of new equipment.  If you need further advice on the use of the form, please ask your contact physicist.


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Accredited radiation protection advisers

  • Diagnostic Radiology: Lorna Sweetman, Andrew Shaw, Jadwiga Czajka, Will Mairs
  • Radiotherapy: Mark Hardy
  • Nuclear Medicine: Brian Murby, Jennie Prince, Tony Hughes

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