Personal radiation dosimetry service

Christie Medical Physics and Engineering, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, has provided a personal dosimetry service since the late 1950s, when personal monitoring was first introduced for radiation workers.

We provide routine on-going monitoring of personal dose for persons who are occupationally exposed to radiation, including whole body monitoring, extremity monitoring, and the legally required record keeping for classified employees. We routinely monitor persons who work in diagnostic and therapy X-Ray departments, nuclear medicine, technical and scientific fields, dental clinics, university departments and small private medical and veterinary practices.

For whole body and extremity monitoring, we provide badges that are supplied and analysed by PHE (Public Health England). PHE holds Approved Dosimetry Service (ADS) accreditation under the requirements of IRR99. We currently hold ADS approval for our record keeping service (HSE-approved personal monitoring services) which involves inspection by the Health and Safety Executive. We also have ISO9001:2008 accreditation as part of the Diagnostic Radiology & Radiation Protection Group.

Our service includes

  • Whole body monitoring
  • Extremity monitoring
  • Record keeping for classified personnel
  • Provision of Passbooks

Christie Medical Physics & Engineering also offers a comprehensive Radiation Protection Advice service about which information can be provided on request. 

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