Outreach nursing

Who are the team?

The Acute oncology outreach service is a nurse-led service that supports ward nurses and doctors who are caring for acutely ill in-patients. AOO nurses are all highly experienced, senior trained nurses who have also undergone advanced training in life support. We take patient referrals throughout the 24 hour period, 365 days of the year.

The purpose of service is to:

  • Assess acutely ill / deteriorating patients on wards, and advise the patient’s team on monitoring, investigations and management plans. The aim is to stabilise and improve patients at ward level and so avoid the need for admission to Critical Care.
  • Ensure timely referral and admission to a Critical Care bed for those patients who require a higher level of monitoring or support than can be provided at general ward level.
  • Follow up patients who have been transferred from Critical Care to ward areas.
  • Share our knowledge and skills with ward staff, both at the bedside and through formal education programmes within the Trust. We provide training to nurses, allied health professionals and junior doctors, with an emphasis on subjects related to the acutely ill patient and tracheostomy care.
  • Our AO nurses also support the 24/7 telephone advice service.

Who refers to the service?

Any member of the team nurse, who has assessed the patient, can refer them for Outreach support.

Visitors and patients can also request an outreach nurse to see them through the ward team.


Senior Nurses  

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Last updated: October 2019