What happens on your first visit?

Go straight to the main entrance to The Christie at Oldham (there is no access via the main hospital). Please book in at reception. The staff will check your details and direct you to the correct waiting area. 

If you do not already have your photo ID, with your permission this will be taken. Photographic identification helps us to identify patients easily and improve patient safety. Only the medical staff involved in your treatment will see your picture. If you do not wish to have your photograph taken, please tell the receptionist. This will not affect your treatment in any way. 

The majority of treatment planning for radiotherapy being delivered at Oldham can take place at this centre this may involve the use of a CT scanner (see photograph below). On your first visit you will meet the radiographers who are responsible for your treatment. You will also meet members of the support team who will arrange treatment times and any other support you may need upon request (transport, interpreter, physiotherapy, complimentary therapy and benefits advice).

On the day of the first dose of radiotherapy the radiographers will discuss the treatment with you and give you another opportunity to ask any questions. The treatment itself is quick and is delivered using a linear accelerator (see photograph below), but you will spend more time in the centre on your first visit, so please allow extra time.