Following completion of your treatment for cancer we recognise that you may still face many challenges.

The TYA staff, together with a range of healthcare experts and other young people, would like to offer you some guidance and support. Come and join us on our Survivorship Course!

The course is free of charge, although places are limited.

The course will cover areas such as;

  • Coping after cancer (social and psychological issues)
  • Late effects of treatment and fertility issues
  • Financial issues, such as how to apply for benefits and insurance
  • How to get back into education and on the employment ladder
  • How to help yourself keep fit and healthy

For information regarding the next course please talk to:

Kerrie Waterhouse
Tel: 0161 918 7485
  • TYA Staff: Dr Ed Smith, David Wright, Caroline Haniak

Last updated: December 2019