Look Good, Feel Better FAQs

Please contact Maggie's Manchester. The Christie, 15 Kinnard Road, M20 4QL. 0161 641 4848

No, unfortunately there isn’t space in the room for us to welcome your guests. You will be in a small group of ladies who are in a similar situation to you and our image consultant,  beauty consultants and volunteers will make you feel very welcome. Friends are welcome to accompany you to the hospital and they can wait in the conservatory, gardens or coffee shops.

We would suggest that you come when we can be of most help with the visible side effects you may experience- either in the middle or just after treatment. You will find you can plan times when you are feeling well enough to come to our two hour session and our volunteer beauty consultants will make you very welcome

Your skin may feel taut and tight. The best way to combat this is to use a good facial moisturiser that will help retain water within the skin. Use a lotion or cream, depending on what makes your skin feel most comfortable. Ideally, also use a rich night cream to enable your skin to rehydrate overnight.

With a clean ring finger or a disposable wedge sponge, gently apply dots of concealer starting from the inner corner of your eye to your iris. Gently blend the dots of concealer to the outer corner of your eye. You will be shown how to do this in the 12 step programme at the workshop.

This is one of the most visible side effects of treatment. At our workshops participants will be shown how eyebrows can be drawn back on very naturally and effectively with a little practice. You can watch a demonstration by clicking on this link. We also demonstrate how eyebrows can be drawn on in our Confidence Kit, which can be ordered by clicking on this link.

Firstly, do not cut your cuticles - use cuticle remover instead. A good cuticle cream, massaged into the cuticles will help prevent dryness, splitting and hangnails. Wear gloves while doing household chores, especially when washing-up as excessive exposure to water can lead to fungal infections of the nail bed. Very dry nails can become weaker or more brittle during treatment. If you are undergoing chemotherapy do not use false nails. Use a good hand cream to regularly moisturise your nails and hands.