Health and Wellbeing Events

Health and Wellbeing events (HWBE) are being delivered around the North West region at local trusts and in community centres, as well as here at The Christie.

A HWBE is an opportunity for patients, carers and their relatives to think about the mid to long term impact of cancer in a safe and supportive environment. It may be that attendees are currently receiving treatment, about to finish or on follow-up. They may be being treated curatively, or living with managed but incurable disease. Some patients may be receiving enhanced, supportive or palliative care.

A range of professionals and patient advocates will address common concerns and share lived experiences of living with and beyond cancer, including (but not limited to) advice around exercise and keeping active, looking after mental health, complementary therapies, peer support and the Macmillan Recovery Package. Patients should have been treated at least once at The Christie and the events are appropriate for any disease group.

We are holding a summer HWBE at The Christie on Tuesday 13 August 2019, from 11:30am to 3pm. You can book onto this free event through Eventbrite.

We are also hosting an autumn HWBE at The Christie on Monday 14 October 2019, from 11:30am to 3pm. You can book onto this for free through Eventbrite.

Our winter HWBE at The Christie is on Monday 16 December 2019, from 11:30am to 3pm. You can book onto this for free through Eventbrite.

We welcome all patients, carers and family members who have been affected by cancer and have been treated for primary tumours with curative intent at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust.

What happens at Health and Wellbeing events?

Based on frequently asked questions heard from patients, carers and family members, presenters will address common misconceptions, media representation, Christie ‘top tips’, and personal knowledge and experience.

Please note this is a generic event, and we will not cover information related to late effects and other clinical consequences of treatment for specific cancer types. However, you will have the opportunity to submit questions you may have. We will also talk generally about some common issues you might face, such as fatigue.

You can read more about what happens at HWBEs below.

  • "What am I doing here and what happens next?": Living with and beyond cancer - an introduction.
  • "The Body": This session is concerned with physical health following treatment.
  • Break - Lunch
  • "The mind": This session is concerned with emotional and psychological health.
  • "Living with and beyond cancer": A lived experience from the patients' or carers' perspectives with the opportunity to ask questions.

Watch our 'Living with and Beyond Cancer - An Introduction' video for an overview of the services we offer for patients after a cancer diagnosis.