The 100 voices project

The ‘100 Voices’ project aims to showcase real people’s experiences of cancer. Patients and carers from the Living with and Beyond Cancer Patient Reference Group created the project. This ran from 2012 to 2016 and was supported by the Survivorship Network at The Christie.

Running the 100 voices workshops 

A cross-section of Christie patients and carers came together to become ‘100 Voices’. Each ‘voice’ was asked to describe their experience of cancer using only one word.

Describing the experience of cancer in one word is a big ask, but our ‘voices’ were guided by a writer and artist who has also been affected by cancer. They shared experiences in a small group, using story-telling, art and creative practice to help arrive at a suitable word. 

These workshops were undertaken at the Whitworth Art Gallery. Patients and carers from the across the hospital participated, including some of our younger patients from the teenage and young adult unit. 

The 100 Voices workshops were designed to be therapeutic as well as creative. Participants said that the sessions enabled them to articulate thoughts, feelings and emotions related to their experiences. 

Participants also found the support from meeting other patients and carers very valuable. 

Here at The Christie, we believe that the act of sharing stories about cancer can help with the psychological and emotional burden of a diagnosis. It can also promote better health and wellbeing, both in the short to medium term for patients receiving supportive care, and in the longer term for patients receiving curative treatment. 

The 100 voices session was the most profound, useful and calming experience I’ve had during my cancer recovery – and the impact of it has been lasting." 

- Denis, patient 

The 100 voices installation at The Christie 

The complete collection of 100 words shines a diverse and unique light on what it means to live with and beyond cancer. 

You can also see all of the words as a major art installation in The Christie restaurant. See a timelapse video of the installation below. 

This project was funded by kind donations to The Christie charity, with thanks to Chafes Hague Lambert Solicitors who donated their dormant client funds, and supported in kind by The University of Manchester, Whitworth Art Gallery. 

We would like to hear from you if you have a story or a word you would like to share about your experience of cancer. You can do this by emailing: