Susan Briggs, Christie patient

Susan Briggs, Christie patient

Pioneering treatment gave extra years with her husband

Susan thought she had exhausted all of the standard treatment options. But thanks to supporters of The Christie charity, she is now looking forward to Christmas with her husband Michael.

When Susan was told she had bile duct cancer, she was understandably shocked. But she was positive. Michael, her husband, was positive too – and proactive. He did some research and they discussed their options with Susan’s consultant.

That’s how Susan and Michael found The Christie.

Susan’s consultant told them about a pioneering treatment, Selective Internal Radiation Therapy (SIRT), and referred her.

SIRT involved tiny, radioactive beads that were inserted into Susan’s liver. These delivered radiation to the cancerous cells without harming too much healthy tissue. Susan and Michael were so happy with the result – Susan’s CT scan showed that her tumours had shrunk by nearly 35%.

As a result of the treatment Susan received at The Christie, Susan and Michael have been given more years together. Now, two years later, Susan is on a clinical trial. She has seen much of The Christie and has had many CT scans.

The Christie charity is currently fundraising for a modernised radiology department and a brand new 4D CT scanner. This will provide more life-changing treatment options for more patients like Susan.

Susan said: “We’ve got to think of the future. This scanner, it’s going to help people, it’s going to provide better quality treatments.”

December 2018