Peter Hinds, Christie patient

Peter Hinds was diagnosed with duodenal (small intestine) cancer in 2018. Heartbreakingly, the doctors told Peter they could not operate on his tumour.

When Peter asked if he would reach his 50th birthday in July that year, the doctors told him it was unlikely. Worried that his wife Maxine would be unable to pay their mortgage, Peter cashed in his pension and made arrangements for his own funeral.

Following 5 inconclusive biopsies, Peter asked for a referral to The Christie for a second opinion and was admitted in April. He had a stent fitted to help him to eat properly for the first time since Christmas and started chemotherapy.

As Peter’s birthday approached, he received the welcome news that his tumour had shrunk dramatically.

He was able to take a short break from chemotherapy to fulfil a lifetime’s ambition to tour Italy with Maxine. Peter and Maxine were in Florence on his 50th birthday – a birthday he never expected to see.

By November that year, the tumour had shrunk enough for an operation at a neighbouring hospital. This was a complex operation and lasted more than 12 hours as there were complications.

A scan in early 2019 showed a small area of cancer and Peter had radiotherapy at The Christie for this. By December 2019, his tumour had reduced drastically and there had been no cancer growth since the previous scan.

Thanks to his treatment at The Christie, Peter currently feels well and has no other health concerns.

“Everyone I’ve met at The Christie has been so positive. They have gone out of their way to support both me and my wife. I owe my life to them.”

“Maxine and I also had fantastic support from our employees, CGL Pathways to Recovery in Warrington and MYCSP in Cheadle.

“Friends from both companies held a fundraising night to collect over £2,500 for our dream holiday in Italy and when I was in Warrington Hospital initially, 5 friends of Maxine cleaned our new house and finished the kitchen for us.”