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Andrew Wardley

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Medical Director of NIHR / CRUK, Christie Research Facility

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0161 446 3746

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0161 446 8408




Breast cancer treatment and research


Breast cancer treatment and research; Medical Director of NIHR Manchester Clinical Research Facility at The Christie; Director of Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy for The Christie and Greater Manchester Cancer; member of The Christie Research Strategy Committee.

Executive Committee NIHR Manchester Clinical Research Facility; member of NHS England chemotherapy clinical reference group; member of National Cancer Research Institute’s breast cancer clinical studies group, Principal investigator and Lead of Clinical Research Group within Manchester Breast Centre, NIHR lead for Experimental Cancer Research in Greater Manchester Clinical Research Network, NCIN Chemotherapy Clinical Information Group.

Professional biography

Professor Wardley has been Consultant Medical Oncologist for breast cancer at The Christie since 2001. He formed and led the Christie Hospital Breast Cancer Research Team to become the most successful breast cancer research team in the UK. He has an international reputation for breast cancer research. In 2005 he was one of the founding members of Manchester Breast Centre (MBC).

Professor Wardley has been Clinical Director of the Early Phase Trials Unit since December 2011 and led the successful bid for £4.5M funding from the National Institute for Health Research for clinical research facilities. This is one of the largest Early Phase Trials Units in the world. The facility supports and promotes the rapid development of new targeted therapies and innovative treatments in cancer care, and the advancement of personalised medicine.

Professor Wardley Clinical Lead for Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy since February 2011 and Greater Manchester Director since 2015. His vision is of equitable access to cancer clinical trials for all patients in Greater Manchester. He is committed to excellence through personal involvement in direct patient care, training, audit, research and effecting change.

Research Interest

Research interests include introducing new treatments in advanced breast cancer, response modified treatment strategies. Professor Wardley was involved in early development of circulating tumour DNA. Using this as biomarker to assess response and treatment choice is part of a programme he is leading. Professor Wardley has a been involved in major developments in HER-2 positive breast cancer including adjuvant trastuzumab (Herceptin) and pertuzumab clinical development.

He was the first to report on brain metastases in HER-2 positive breast cancer treated with trastuzumab and this is a major research interest. Finally, but not least, we are interested in translating clinical research into clinical practice and real world data.


The Christie Private Care

Prof. Wardley also practises privately at The Christie Private Care