Thomson, David

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David Thomson

Job title

Consultant Clinical Oncologist

Email Address

Phone number

0161 446 8457




Head and neck oncology

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  • Head and neck oncology; treating patients with intensity-modulated radiotherapy, proton beam therapy, systemic therapies
  • Honorary Professor of Oncology at the University of Liverpool
  • Clinical Lead for Head at Neck Cancer at Greater Manchester Cancer
  • Clinical Lead for Research at Greater Manchester Cancer

Professional biography

Professor Thomson is an experienced clinician with an international reputation in his field of head and neck oncology. He leads a globally impactful research programme to improve the outcomes for patients with head and neck cancer. Professor Thomson is chief investigator for three large multicentre head and neck cancer clinical trials. He is both the clinical lead for research and lead for head and neck cancer in Greater Manchester.

Professor Thomson has roles on several head and neck cancer guidelines and strategy groups including those for NCRI, HNCIG and PTCOG. He is an Associate Section Editor for the leading international radiotherapy journal (IJROBP), has a wide range of head and neck cancer publications including papers in major journals such as JCO and Lancet Oncology, and has delivered a number of invited lectures at national and international meetings.

Research Interest

Advanced radiotherapy technologies and adaptation; proton beam therapy; salivary gland cancers; tumour hypoxia modification; clinical trials

Educational Interests

Postgraduate medical education; radiotherapy quality assurance


The Christie Private Care

Dr. Thomson also practises privately at The Christie Private Care