Mansoor, Wasat

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Wasat Mansoor

Job title

Consultant in Medical Oncology

Email Address

Phone number

0161 446 3209

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0161 446 3299




Upper gastrointestinal (GI) lead and neuroendocrine specialist


Upper GI Lead, Clinical Director of Medical Oncology, Lung Neuroendocrine Lead

Professional biography

Dr Mansoor came to The Christie in 1998 and took up a training post in medical oncology as a trainee. He began a PhD titled 'Improving the Efficacy and Survival of T Cell Genetically Modified to Express Chimeric Immune Receptors'. This thesis focused interests on upper GI cancers. After his PhD and training, he continued his interests in upper GI cancers as a specialist consultant in this field. Since becoming the lead clinician in upper GI cancers, the group has notably increased its profile nationally and globally, and increased it publication throughput. He is closely associated with the Cell Therapy Group and co-chief investigator of a major international trial of adoptive T cell therapy for oesophago-gastric cancer. As an educator, he has provided regional leadership as the North West training Programme Director and continues to lead on a number of specific training courses. Since January 2014, he has also been the Clinical Director of Medical Oncology.


The Christie Private Care

Dr. Mansoor also practises privately at The Christie Private Care