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Konstantinos Kamposioras

Job title

Consultant in Medical Oncology

Email Address

Phone number

0161 446 8370

Fax number

0161 446 3468




Gastrointestinal malignancies

Started at The Christie (Year)



Roles/responsibilities at The Christie:
Colorectal Cancer

Roles/responsibilities at other sites:
Colorectal Cancer at Stepping Hill and Tameside and Acute Oncology at Tameside Hospital

Professional biography

I am a Consultant in Medical Oncology since 2010, specialised in gastrointestinal malignancies since 2013. My main interest is clinical and translational research. Amongst others, I have been awarded the ESMO Translational Research Fellowship in 2010 which led to PhD degree.

I have been a member of various national and international committees, and currently I am the chair of ESMO OncologyPro working Group and member of ESMO GI Faculty group. I was proud to lead the Feasibility study on cancer registration in Greece through the EUROCHIP-2 program and a core member of the PanHellenic Association for Continual Medical Research.

Research Interest

Tumour microenvironment; Prognostic Biomarkers; Chemotherapy Toxicity; Patient Derived Xenografts

Educational Interests

Educational and clinical supervisor for junior doctors and nurse practitioners