Tania Hawthorn

Job title

Consultant in Psycho-oncology

Phone number

0161 446 3681

Fax number

0161 446 8103


BSc, MB, CHB, MSc, MRCPsych




Clinical lead for the psycho-oncology department; clinical lead at Commissioning for Quality and Innovation (CQUINS) for dementia

Professional biography

Dr Hawthorn began her psychiatry training at Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital, came to Manchester in 1997 and completed her training in 2006. She has an endorsement in liaison psychiatry. During her training, Dr Hawthorn became interested in psychological interventions and received training and supervision in the conversational model of psychotherapy from Graham McGrath at Gaskell house. She also worked in the Northwest psychosexual clinic with Lyn Webster and attended the Group Analysis North Psychotherapy course. Dr Hawthorn is keen to improve the management of acute and chronic confusion among hospital inpatients, and to raise awareness of psychological issues related to survivorship, such as sexuality.

Dr Hawthorn has been involved in expanding the role of the psycho-oncology department and the number of inpatient referrals has increased significantly. The team and the number of therapies offered have expanded: for example, a psychosexual service now operates under the supervision of Dr Josie Butcher. Dr Hawthorn has also developed the education provision of the service to the trust. The team provides training on the Mental Capacity Act, dementia awareness and management of confusion and agitation. The team also provide education and supervision for Christie staff. The education initiatives aim to improve staff expertise and confidence in assessing and managing psychological distress and psychiatric disorders, and knowing when to refer on and who to refer to. Dr Hawthorn is rolling out a dementia strategy in the trust as part of the Commissioning for Quality and Innovation (CQUINS) initiative. She has also set up an audit database for the psycho-oncology department to look at outcomes for patients referred to the service.


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