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Michael Braun

Job title

Consultant in Medical Oncology

Email Address

Phone number

0161 446 8307

Fax number

0161 446 3468




Colorectal cancer

Started at The Christie (Year)



Dr Braun runs new patient and follow-up clinics for patients treated with chemotherapy for colorectal cancer. He runs a separate clinical trial clinic for patients enrolled to local, national and international studies. Dr Braun attends the colorectal/pelvic cancer multi-disciplinary meeting at The Christie to provide oncology input.

Dr Braun attends the colorectal cancer multi-disciplinary team meeting (MDT) and has a weekly clinic at Leighton Hospital, Crewe. Patients with colorectal cancer receive standard chemotherapy regimens and access to clinical trials is being expanded. Dr Braun attends the weekly colorectal cancer MDT at Manchester Royal Infirmary and has a clinic every week to see new patients.

Professional biography

Dr Braun has been a consultant in medical oncology at The Christie since 2009. He specialises in treating patients with cancers of the large bowel (colon and/or rectum). As well as attending specialist colorectal cancer meetings at The Christie, Dr Braun visits Leighton Hospital in Crewe and Manchester Royal Infirmary. He attends specialist colorectal cancer multi-disciplinary team meetings and has clinics at each of these hospitals. He also runs a chemotherapy clinic at Leighton Hospital, where he has significantly expanded access to chemotherapy. He runs a successful clinical trials clinic and has contributed with staff from other hospitals in the Manchester Cancer network to improvements in trial recruitment in recent years

Research Interest

Dr Braun runs local and international studies through trials clinics; research lead for the Greater Manchester colorectal Pathway board

Educational Interests

Training programme director for medical oncology for the North West Deanery; educational supervisor for junior and middle-grade doctors at The Christie