Ernest Allan

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Consultant Clinical Oncologist

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0161 446 8583

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0161 918 7078




Non-surgical treatment of non-melanoma skin cancer and pre-malignant conditions of the skin and vulva mainly by photodynamic therapy

Started at The Christie (Year)



  • Consultant in charge of the photodynamic therapy department; member of the multidisciplinary Gorlin’s Syndrome treatment group.
  • Treasurer of the European Platform for Photodynamic Medicine; Treasurer of the UK Photodynamic Therapy group.

Professional biography

Dr Allan had extensive experience in surgery and radiotherapy before taking the pre-clinical research in photodynamic therapy from the Patterson Institute (now The Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute) and initiating a clinical research project. This developed into a pioneering clinical service for non-malanotic skin cancer that grew into a substantial clinic with a national and international reputation.

Dr Allan continued to work on the development of photodynamic medicine techniques to enable the successful treatment of a wider spectrum of patients. In consequence there are a growing number of patients coming from other parts of the country.

One of the important strengths of The Christie service is the integration of the PDT core with the other treatment modalities of plastic surgery and radiotherapy, incorporating the unique specialised brachytherapy technique developed by Dr Allan. This ensures that patients have immediate access to the most appropriate treatment for their individual clinical needs.

Previously, Dr Allan was a member of the national committee advising the Department of Health on photodynamic therapy services. He was also a member of the national committee advising NICE which developed the current guidelines for the treatment of skin cancer.

Dr Allan has also written many medical legal reports for the General Medical Council and for the NHS Litigation Authority.

Research Interest

Assessment of second generation systemic sensitizers for photodynamic therapy of skin cancer with dermal ultrasound assessment of initial tumour thickness and of tumour resolution. Assessment of Ambulight photodynamic therapy; assessment of photodynamic therapy for the treatment of Extramammary Paget’s Disease of the vulva with dermal ultrasound assessment of disease resolution


The Christie Private Care

Dr. Allan also practises privately at The Christie Private Care