World Cancer Day 2019

World Cancer Day 2019  


World Cancer Day (4th February) is a day for everyone around the world to come together and unite in support of the positive, inspiring global work against cancer and its effect on the lives of so many.

At The School of Oncology we are proud to be at the forefront of the education of so many of those spreading positive awareness, undertaking clinical research and taking groundbreaking steps in reducing the numbers of those diagnosed with cancer.

The School of Oncology is very excited to welcome back for its 4th year The Christie Advanced Radiotherapy Summer School. This is an exciting opportunity to learn about recent advances in radiotherapy from leading practitioners in the field. Even more so now, that The Christie have treated their first patients in the new award winning state of the art Proton centre.

Mental Health Masterclass

This is a new course for 2019, and is where delegates will gain a broad understanding of common mental health disorders (including personality disorder) and how they may be managed. Sessions will help delegates to recognise undiagnosed or worsening pre-existing conditions. The increased prevalence of diagnosed cases of mental health and the campaigns to increase awareness make this course relevant to today’s health issues.

At the School of Oncology we believe in delivering courses for people of all abilities and understand everyone learns in different ways. Our introductory courses are great for starters new to the trust, new to their role or those wanting to gain confidence in a subject field they may not be familiar with.

Introduction to Haematology

This study day will provide a basic understanding of caring for haematology patients. To provide a basic knowledge of the haematological malignancies and the complications that can occur when caring for them.

An Introduction to Cancer: Anatomy, Biology & Treatments 2019

This is a two day course by David O'Halloran which presents a basic understanding of Cancer. Through a series of presentations, the speaker describes: 

  • How cancer develops
  • The most common types of cancer
  • Cancer detection and treatment modalities

Introduction to Oncology Nursing

The study day will take attendees through the understanding of the patient’s journey, from treating patients with SACT to radiotherapy, through to alternative methods such as complimentary therapies, nutrition and psychological care for the cancer patient. The programme is intended to further develop self-management strategies in everyday oncology nursing.


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Last updated: November 2019

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