Why is cancer education so important?

The importance of cancer education is greater than ever during these unprecedented times which we currently face. A high level of knowledge is critical for all healthcare professionals, enabling them to provide the best possible care for patients and a greater a level of reassurance for families and those supporting patients during their period of treatment. 

Expert levels of education are also pivotal in the prevention and early detection of all forms of cancer. Informed healthcare professionals are better placed to offer cancer care in an ever-changing world, with a full understanding of treatments and knowledge of the depth of ongoing current research across the world.

Here at The Christie School of Oncology, we offer world leading education to support our healthcare professionals at all stages of their career and in their continued professional development. Alliances with a number of universities and our International School enable us to offer our education services across the breadth of the country and throughout world.

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Last updated: May 2023