What makes The Christie Study Days different to anywhere else?

What makes The Christie Study Days different to anywhere else?

  • Laura McNab - Practice Education Facilitator
  • 11th September 2017

Consolidating academic and practical knowledge

After qualifying 9 years ago and working in haematology for 6 years, I wanted to consolidate my knowledge formally and undertake a master’s module in the Principles of Haematology through the University of Manchester. The programme consisted of an assignment and attendance to 7 full study days, one of those being an external conference hosted at The Christie – and open nationally to all multidisciplinary members.

Feeding my "inner academic ego"

I had been a little hesitant to partake in formal study before finally signing up to it, not only at the thought of having to do an assignment worthy of higher educational standards again, but I kept questioning myself – will I actually learn much during the period of the course? I had been lucky enough to attend several haematology study days during my career in-house and nationally, and even more fortunate to experience some international conferences too. How could just another 7 days build on that? Intriguingly something kept niggling my “inner academic ego” - and convinced me to give it a go … and how very wrong I was pleasantly proven.

Developing confidence

The programme was able to provide exposure to such specialist and cutting edge knowledge that I have never looked back since! I firmly believe I am now a more confident and informed specialist nurse, being able to share this knowledge and expertly advise colleagues, problem solve and aspire to provide the best possible standards of care for patients suffering with haematological condition’s.

Multidisciplinary learning

My cohort consisted of a multidisciplinary group and it was a great atmosphere to facilitate shared learning and interesting group discussions - finally asking all those questions you wish you had previously asked and not dared too since!

A study day with a national audience and expert speakers

The aspect that made the module was the national study day hosted by The Christie. This day enabled their leading consultants, specialist nurses and allied health professionals to share their world class knowledge to a wider audience, and they also invited big name speakers from across the country to share their remarkable work too. This opportunity provided everyone with the ability to learn in a comfortable and relaxed environment within the newly renovated education centre. The open space in the foyer also allowed great opportunity to network not only with contemporaries, speakers, charities and sponsors too. All of whom were experts in differing formats and I felt empowered with the knowledge that I too could make a difference to education and training with what I had learnt.

Always improving patient outcomes

Without attending this programme, I think I would have still felt that yes I do have some haematology knowledge to get by, but it was this event that inspired me to keep on learning. Even when clinical duties become obstacles, it is worth continuously learning wherever possible for our patient’s best outcome.

I certainly will be booking onto study days at The Christie again.

 Laura McNab speaking at the Haematology study day about what she hopes delegates take away from the event.

Further Information

Principles of Haematology Oncology is a 15 credit module that can be taken independently or as part of a Specialist Practice in Cancer MSc delivered in collaboration with University of Manchester

We are also hosting an Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia and Teenage & Young Adults study day on 20th November in The Christie School of Oncology

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