Supporting advanced practice week through education

Supporting advance practice week through education

  • Kathleen Mais - Advanced Nurse Practitioner specializing in Head and Neck Cancer
  • 13th November 2017

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Developing the masterclass series

I am an Advanced Nurse Practitioner working at The Christie and I specialise in Head and Neck Cancer. I work closely with my colleague Valerie Goode who is also an Advanced Nurse Practitioner within the Lymphoma team. Together with The School of Oncology we have been running the Masterclasses successfully for five years.

The concept for the Masterclasses was devised as a way of helping internal Advanced Nurse Practitioners from The Christie to maintain their Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Our very first masterclass was a great success, and therefore, we decided to invite external delegates to share the experience. Since then, each event thus far has been well-attended and positively evaluated.

The format of the day is split into two sessions. In the morning, delegates can benefit from a series of insightful lectures from experts in the speciality field and after lunch, candidates can take part in a hands-on clinical practise in small groups. The mornings are open to anyone with an interest in the topic. The afternoons are open to nurses and other health care professionals working at an advanced level where examination, interpretation of radiological imaging and blood tests are part of their role.

Not exclusive to oncology

Although The Christie is an oncology centre, our series of Masterclasses’ cover all topics relevant to Advance Clinical Practise; past topics have included the respiratory, cardiovascular and endocrine systems. This is because we recognise that patients coming into our clinics and wards have other conditions as well as their cancer. In addition, to be able to manage the patient as a whole, we cannot ignore these co-morbidities especially as sometimes they have a bearing on our anti-cancer therapies.

What to expect

Our next masterclass which is being held on 2nd February 2018 will focus on the musculoskeletal (MSK) system – a huge subject! We will have taught sessions on MSK anatomy and physiology, normal radiology, inflammatory and degenerative conditions and bone health. In the afternoon, we will have Clinical Stations where delegates can practice examination of the spine, the upper limbs and lower limbs and pathological MSK radiology. Both the lectures and the clinical stations will be facilitated by expert clinicians and advanced practitioners.

Supporting CPD

The MSK masterclass will provide delegates with an update as well as presenting new knowledge about the MSK system. In small groups, advanced practitioners will have the opportunity to practice examination under the guidance of an experienced practitioner in a safe, supervised environment. The day also provides an opportunity to meet and network with colleagues in similar jobs as well as providing a valuable addition to practitioners’ CPD.

I hope to see you at the upcoming MSK masterclass on 2nd February you can register your place here.

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