Clinical & Practical Issues in cancer care

Saturday 4 April 2020


This two day course is aimed at anyone working with patients, carers and family members affected by cancer; whether in health care settings, for a charity or in private practice.

On day one we will cover a broad overview of the aetiology and epidemiology of cancer as well as touching on the psycho-social and emotional impact of diagnosis for both patients and families.

On day two we will look at the biology of cancer and the principles of mainstream cancer treatments; their side effects; and how advances in scientific and medical research inform the potential of the personalised medicine of the future.

This course pairs with all of our other two day courses. It provides a wealth of information about the medical world of cancer care, leading to a broader understanding of the multi-faceted experience of working as a therapist in this field.

Janet Fielding (Manchester University, School of Nursing)

None: suitable for anyone working in a health care setting

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