Metastatic bone disease study day

Tuesday 27 April 2021 - via livestream

To increase awareness around the treatment strategies for patients with metastatic bone disease by bringing together two sub-specialities (oncology and orthopaedics) to share knowledge and expertise.

  • Metastatic Bone Disease—the next Tsunami?
  • Orthopaedic surgery in assessment and treatment of MBD
  • Oncological modern treatments for cancers leading to MBD
  • Development of pathways across Greater Manchester


In light of strict social distancing and restricted footfall measures at The Christie, we are excited to extend our offering of 'virtual' learning and live streaming for our forthcoming programmes.

Oncologists, orthopaedic surgeons, medical trainees and service managers

implantcast is a provider of specialised orthopaedic technology, and a market leader in oncology in Europe. Since its establishment more than 30 years ago in Germany, implantcast has gone from strength to strength through continuous investment in the research, design and manufacture of orthopaedic implants and supporting technologies. 

implantcast UK, having established operations in April 2019, has demonstrated continuous growth as it makes strides in fulfilling its vision of transforming lives by setting the gold standard in specialised orthopaedic technology. implantcast’s contemporary product portfolio supported by the exceptional service of its experienced representatives has enabled it to establish strong partnerships within centers of excellence in the UK, including the Freeman Hospital, the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital and the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital. 

At the heart of implantcast’s product offering is the Modular Universal Tumour and Revision System (MUTARS®), a comprehensive solution with over 55,000 implantations worldwide. In this system, 350 individual implants can combine to provide complete intra-operative flexibility. MUTARS® is supported by innovative technologies such as EPORE®, a unique surface technology based on scanning electron micrograph of human cancellous bone to promote long-term fixation, Silver for infection prevention and TiN for reduction in bacterial adhesion and nickel-sensitivity. Additionally, implantcast has more than 3 decades of experience in planning and manufacturing custom implant solutions with its C-Fit 3D® service. The custom implants are designed in combination with MUTARS® and the wider product portfolio to offer end-to-end solutions with plans, 3D printed models and Patient Specific Instrumentation. 

With a keen focus on addressing the challenges in surgical management of metastatic bone disease through a committed and consultative approach, implantcast’s sustainable, value-based, modular systems and services are designed to cater to a wide range of defects affecting the femur and the humerus.

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