A number of leading organisations have benefited from the experience of the team in working with teams, groups and individuals.   Specialist services include: 

Bespoke course developments

The unit can offer professional development and advise on teaching materials for use by an organisations own trainers and teaching staff. This may involve collaboration with trainers and other stakeholders to develop suitable materials and on-going support training in their use.

The unit has already worked with others in supporting and developing training e.g.

  • HIV nurse training
  • National Cancer Research Network North West (NCRN)
  • National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)

All senior trainers are accredited workplace mediators (Oxford Cambridge & RCA). Mediation is a way of resolving disputes, with the overriding aim being restoration and maintenance of professional relationships in order that optimal service is still delivered. The service is confidential and involves independent impartial facilitation between two or more parties to reach a successful resolution.

The senior trainers currently provide interpersonal clinical supervision to senior health care professionals working at the Christie and the North West.

Supervision looks to support and enable the professional with difficulties associated with their work role to enhance their relationships with patients.

The senior team offer coaching and mentorship in interpersonal skills, management and facilitation skills.