Trust Strategy

Our patients are at the heart of everything we do.

We are proud to deliver excellent care to cancer patients from the immediate population of 3.2 million in Greater Manchester and Cheshire area, and to a significant number of patients from across the country in need of some highly specialised treatments.

We are able to provide service based on expert staff and a specialised infrastructure dedicated to the delivery of cancer treatment care, research and education. Our focus and size enables us to uniquely deliver effect and efficient specialist care offering patients the best possible outcomes from our research programme. This is enhanced by the support that we receive from The Christie Charity which enables us to provide a level of care and experience for patients above and beyond that is funded by the NHS.

The Christie's 2020 Vision was developed through stakeholder engagement with over 2,500 contributions from the public, patients, carers, staff, charities and local partner organisations. 

Aligned to the 2020 Vision, The Christie developed their five year strategic plan to guide any changes to the services provided. This can be found here.