The Christie Pathology Partnership was established in June 2014.

CCP is a 10 year joint venture between The Christie and SYNLAB UK Limited, the UK division of one of the largest European independent providers of pathology services.

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All on-site pathology services transferred across to the CPP, who also took on the management of sub-contracted pathology services.

The partnership with SYNLAB, which manages a comprehensive range of laboratories across 24 countries, delivers financial benefits to the Trust through significantly improved procurement terms and efficiency gains through improved processes. The partnership also seeks to provide growth in third party activity through increased provision of specialist oncology pathology services.

There is a programme for investment in new infrastructure, such as the provision of a new laboratory IT system and the replacement of analytical equipment. The CPP are restructuring Blood Sciences, to allow the implementation of a full 24/7 combined haematology and biochemistry service. This will reduce the dependence for biochemistry tests upon Point of Care analysers and for off-site laboratory services. This will improve result accuracy and turn around times as well as reducing overall cost.

The partnership is also committed to increasing the pathology diagnostic test repertoire. In particular, it will draw on SYNLAB's molecular diagnostics expertise to respond to advances being made in this rapidly changing field. In so doing, it will actively support the increasing development of personalised medicine for Christie patients.

The partnership supports clinical excellence at The Christie, enabling us to use the very latest technologies, working methods and diagnostic techniques to help ensure improved patient outcomes.