Current developments and what's coming soon

Keep up-to-date with developments at The Christie and see if any of our works will affect your journey to us.

December 2018 

Installation of temporary fire escapes and scaffolding on Wilmslow Road

Scaffolding and hoardings will be installed at the Paterson site in December. This will mean closing one side of the footpath on Wilmslow Road for the whole of the demolition project.

Two temporary fire escapes will also be installed to allow a safe route of the buildings during the demolition of the Paterson building. This will mean external staircase will be put in place outside Nathan House and the critical care unit.

November 2018 

Wilmslow Road digging

As part of the development of the Paterson site, small trial holes will be dug along the full length of Wilmslow Road with a mini excavator. This will have a limited impact on the surrounding area.

Central phlebotomy project

As of 5 November, we started the central phlebotomy project. For the duration of the project, the two parking bays to the south of Nathan House Courtyard will be used to house the skip. Deliveries will also take place for the duration of the five month project and these will be before 8am and after 6pm. This means any deliveries should have a limited impact on patients.

During the construction period access to the cycle compound, The Christie Clinic, The Christie, the cryogenics and the cold store will remain unaffected.

Delivery of PET-CT medical system

On Sunday 4 November, we delivered & positioned a new PET-CT medical system. This is following a two-month refurbishment of the treatment area, located within Nuclear Medicine department 31.