One Wednesday 4th February, The Christie invited health correspondent Thomas Moore and the Sky News team to come and film behind the scenes at The Christie for a whole day as part of World Cancer Day 2016.

Sky News interviewed a variety of our patients, staff, fundraisers and clinicians during the day and were given exclusive filming opportunities including:

  • with our surgical team,
  • at our Oak Road chemotherapy treatment centre,
  • on our proton beam therapy site,
  • inside our clinical trial unit,
  • in our teenage and young adult unit,
  • at the Manchester Cancer Research Centre,
  • in our art room. 

You can watch all these clips below.  

Thomas Moore live from Oak Road Treatment Centre  

Interview with Dr Was Mansoor about chemotherapy 

Dr Matt Krebs interviewed about personalised medicine at Manchester Cancer Research Centre 

Christie fundraiser Jarrod Ashton inspired to fundraise by his brother

Professor Nick Slevin interview on Proton Beam Therapy

Christie clinical trials patient Alan Kirk

Christie Teenage and Young Adult patients Josh and Jen

Thomas Moore live from The Christie with World Cancer Day highlights

Professor Sarah O'Dwyer interviewed about the HIPEC surgical procedure

Christie patient Douglas Sparrow interviewed at Oak Road Treatment Centre 

Proton Beam Therapy at The Christie

Christie art room