A Palliative Care Nurse Consultant from The Christie will be attending two national conferences in two days to share the Manchester cancer centre's expertise in helping cancer patients to manage their pain and improving end of life care.

Carole Mula, Nurse Consultant at The Christie, is a special guest speaker at the National Nurse Prescribing for Pain Conference in London on Tuesday 22 September 2015 and a day later is guest speaker at the Improving End of Life Care conference on implementing priorities for the care of the dying person.

Carole's presentation at the National Nurse Prescribing for Pain Conference on 'Nurse prescribing for cancer pain and end of life care' will focus on her experiences and knowledge of non-medical prescribing for cancer pain and end of life care, the competence to prescribe and the role of non-medical prescribers in supporting patients at The Christie.

Carole, (49) from Godley, Hyde is delighted to have been invited to speak at this conference. She said: "I am very pleased to have been given this opportunity to share what we are doing at The Christie to support our patients who are in pain or nearing the end of their lives.

"Often it is nurses rather than doctors who are the first to see patients who are in pain. As a nurse consultant I am able to prescribe medication to relieve the pain quickly which makes a big difference to the patient. I am honoured to be invited to share what we do at The Christie at this important conference."

The conference, chaired by Barbara Stuttle, Chairman of the Association for Prescribers, will provide an update for current and aspiring nurse prescribers on prescribing for pain. Through practical case studies and national advice the conference will look at how nurse prescribers can become more effective in helping their patients.

The conference will include sessions on developing prescribing competence and confidence, medication management, managing medication safely and preventing medication errors and overcoming the barriers to effective pain management.

Clinical case studies will share the learning from experienced pain prescribers on nurse prescribing for pain in the community, nurse prescribing for in-patient and post operative pain, pharmacist prescribing for chronic pain, physiotherapist prescribing for back pain and nurse prescribing for cancer pain and end of life care.

Carole's presentation to the Improving End of Life Care conference on Wednesday 23rd September will be about getting the monitoring progress right for the five priorities of care. The presentation will include outcomes and guiding principles; education, training and professional development and how to set up a ward accreditation programme. Carole will also discuss The Christie's experience in end of life care.