The Christie has once again received excellent results in the annual 2015 national inpatient survey, published today (Wednesday 8th June 2016) by the Care Quality Commission, sustaining and building on last year’s success. 

The survey shows how NHS trusts score against each other in 58 questions looking at different aspects of the inpatient experience including the hospital and ward, doctors and nurses, care and treatment, and operations and procedures. 

Trusts are rated as performing ‘about the same,’ ‘better’ or ‘worse’ compared to other trusts. 

Out of 58 questions, The Christie scored ‘better’ than most other trusts in 46 and ‘about the same’ in 12. No questions were ‘worse’ than most other trusts. 

The Trust took top marks in six questions – these were:

  • Patients being treated with respect and dignity whilst in hospital 
  • Explanations about what would be done during an operation or procedure
  • Staff members answering patients’ questions about an operation or procedure
  • Patients being told how they would feel after an operation or procedure
  • Patients being informed by staff about who to contact if they were worried about their condition or treatment after they had left hospital
  • Hand-wash gels were available for patients and visitors to use 

Jackie Bird, executive director of nursing and quality for The Christie, said: “We are thrilled once again to receive such positive feedback from our patients in this annual survey. We are committed to putting our patients at the centre of everything that we do and it’s reassuring to see that they are pleased with the standard of care and treatment that they receive. 

We are always keen to gather feedback from our patients and endeavour to act upon their responses to ensure we maintain and continually improve our services to them.

When patients were asked to rate their overall experience, The Christie scored 8.9. The lowest score by any trust was 7.5 and the highest was 9.0. 

The Trust scored ‘better’ than most other trusts in all but one of the section scores and achieved a highest score in one out of the 10 section scores – namely the operations and procedures section. 

In total, 149 acute and specialist NHS trusts were surveyed, and responses were gathered from just over 83,116 patients.

The Christie had a response rate of 58% compared with the national response rate of 47%.