The Christie at Oldham, located at the Royal Oldham Hospital, celebrated its fifth birthday today.

The centre was the first in a network of Christie radiotherapy centres offering patients treatment closer to home. Previously patients from Oldham, Salford, Bolton and Wigan could only access radiotherapy at The Christie's main site in Withington, which for many people meant a gruelling two-hour round trip for a month or longer.

Now patients can receive treatment in satellite sites at Oldham, Wigan and Salford.

In the past five years, over 6,000 patients have received their radiotherapy treatment at the Oldham site - saving them thousands of travelling miles.

Local patients from Bury, Middleton, North Manchester, Oldham, Rochdale and parts of Tameside, as well as patients from as far afield as Derbyshire and Yorkshire are treated at this centre. The centre also treats the majority of disease groups.

The Christie at Oldham was fully funded by The Christie charity at a cost of £17million, and fundraisers have continued to support the centre.

As well as being more convenient, patients receiving treatment at Oldham have easy access to the highest standards of Christie care and benefit from world-leading technology including two Synergy Linacs with on board imaging at a cost of £1.5 million each. Andthe team offers a rapid radiotherapy response for palliative patients in pain which means treatments are turned round in a day or less providing fast and efficient care to patients who need it most.

Lead Radiographer at The Christie at Oldham,Julie Daviessaid: "It has been a rewarding five years delivering the best care and treatment possible for patients at The Christie at Oldham. So many people have commented on the great environment and the friendliness of the team providing their care. It's an honour to work with so many individuals who take pride in their work and the quality of care they offer patients."

Other successes in the past year include The Radiography Team at The Christie at Oldham being named the North West team of the year 2014 by the Society and College of Radiographers.

The team runs monthly open evenings for prospective patients and their families, which allows patients an opportunity to visit the centre prior to starting treatment. For further information about open evenings please ring 0161 918 7700.

The Christie charity supports the work of The Christie NHS Foundation Trust through its fundraising activities, and delivers projects, equipment and improvements that are in line with the Trust's overall plans and strategy. The charity has over 30,000 supporters who raised a record breaking £14.8m last year.