Why are junior doctors striking?

It's a dispute over contracts.

How many junior doctors work at The Christie?


How many of them does the new contract apply to?


When will the strikes take place?

The British Medical Association has already announced planned dates for action.

1st December: 8am to 8pm (junior doctors to staff emergency care)

8th December: 8am to 5pm (full strike

16th December: 8am to 5pm (full strike)

What is emergency care?

It is the same level of cover as on Christmas day.

Will my appointment be cancelled?

Your appointment will still go ahead despite the junior doctors' strike action - unless you are otherwise notified. Our main priority is to ensure the continuity of patient care, however there may be some slight delays in clinics. We will do our very best to keep these delays to a minimum, and staff will keep you informed of any impact this may have on your appointment.

Who can I contact if I'm concerned about my appointment?

Patients with any queries or concerns about their visit on the 1st, 8th or 16th December can contact us on the following numbers: 0161 446 2093 or 3517

What is being done to minimise impact on patients and ensure patient safety?

Contingency plans at the Trust will ensure services can be delivered as normal where possible.